(C) Department of Radio Astronomy ( National Facility) Torun Centre for Astronomy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University


A slightly enhanced radiation at 127 MHz, lasting 52 minutes, was observed since 13h57m UT. Upon it two short events appeared. The first strong 4 minutes outburst ( ~ 2000 solar flux units at peak - 14h00m ) was followed by the second one which lasted 18 minutes and reached peak value of more than 600 s.f.u.

Solar image at 127 MHz observed at TCFA in Torun

The image show a shock observed on the sun by the SOHO/EIT telescope. on April 7, 1997. In this image, you can see an eruption spreading across the sun, originating at a region near the center. This shock was estimated to travel at almost one million miles per hour - supersonic even for the sun!

(222 K)[mpeg]

This movie shows the solar eruption occurring, as observed by the LASCO coronagraph. The circle shown in the center of the image outlines the sun, where it has been shielded. By blocking out the sun in this manner, we are more able to observe activity which is less bright in the solar atmosphere. In this case, we see a large eruption of material, first coming from the lower left corner, and then finally emerging in all directions.

(275 K)[mpeg]

This is a similar movie to the one above, only "zoomed out." The circle representing the sun is much smaller, so you see the eruption farther out.

(607 K)[mpeg]

Animated gif of the eruption shown in the EIT images.
Each image shows the difference from the previous image. By showing these "difference images" your eye can pick out the changes more readily. The sequence shown runs from 13:28 UT (Universal Time) to 15:28 UT on April 7, 1997.